Product Features

Manage health, safety, quality & environmental performance

YellowJacket is evolving constantly, keeping pace with the needs of our customers and developments in technology. New features are added free of charge on a regular basis.

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Capturing and viewing information across your projects:

Monitoring and reporting on site health, safety and quality performance:

Log in from anywhere on any device using the mobile app

Process improvement toolWherever you are, whatever device you’re on, whether you’re online or offline, you can carry out inspections and audits, create observations, actions and process improvement issues using the mobile app.

Any changes are automatically updated on the system.

“The system is very easy to use and having the ’mobile app’ is even better, as it allows audits / observations to be keyed when you are on site, rather than having to wait until you are back in the office, which sometimes can be days later.”

Teresa Gorham, QuESH Manager

Make observations

You can record positive and negative observations relating to a number of topics including:

  • Environmental
  • Occupational health
  • Process improvements
  • Safety
  • Property
  • Quality
  • Security

You can associate multiple actions with each observation. And filter and print observations on a particular commission.

Assign actions & manage outstanding actions

Users can raise actions, assign them to other users within their organisation or to contractors working with them on individual commissions. They can give the action a close-out date. The action appears on the relevant person’s dashboard.

You can see your outstanding actions at a glance. And the status of actions you have assigned to individuals, suppliers or contractors. Where there is an outstanding action an automatic email is sent to notify the person responsible.

View upcoming tasks and events

Switching to calendar view alerts you to upcoming events and actions that need closing out in the days or weeks ahead.

The calendar also allows you to plan your workload by displaying weekly and daily task lists.

Show specific types of incident, audit, inspection or action

You can filter data to show specific types such as incidents, audits, inspections, process issues and actions. And filter actions according to status. Save your dashboard filters for instant access to the information you use regularly.

Define & manage audit and inspections

You can add and edit the pre-defined question sets or define audit and inspection question sets specific to your requirements.

You can schedule internal or third party audits and inspections, see when they are due, record outcomes and assign actions.

View project data in real time

If you have access to a project/commission you can view commission data in real time. Everything you need to know is on a single page including statistics and information to export as graphs. Lost Time Incident Frequency Rate is also reported.

Allow access to other organisations & see cumulative data

You can add companies so that everyone in your supply chain or involved in your commission can use the system. You have complete visibility down through the system. You define the information others see.

Set up a dashboard where you can see everything that has happened on commissions you have selected as favourites.

Access everything from your personal dashboard & set up your home page

Your personal dashboard gives you access to everything you need. You can see and act on all aspects of every commission and communicate with everyone you need to within your company, project or supply chain.

You can set the system to automatically open onto the page you use most frequently. And change your home page at the click of a button.

Identify trends at a glance

YJ heat mappingIdentify emerging health, safety, process improvement and quality trends at a glance using visual reporting methods – for example heat mapping.

This uses your previously uploaded site plans and, using data entered against observations and actions; generates an on screen report using marker pins to show where good practice and unsatisfactory observations and actions have been logged on site.

Identify areas and trends for improvement in terms of process efficiency by capturing data related to time spent on non-value-added activities.

Export management information

Easily export graphs and charts for management presentations – giving you and your teams ‘at a glance’ reporting.

The following formats are covered: CSV, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, HTML and tifs.

Review projects and trends over time

Look at a snapshot in time of events that have been recorded on your projects.

This data can be filtered to look at any dates between the start and end date on the project, giving you an overview of observations, actions, incidents and more throughout a selected period of time.

Report, track and analyse root cause of incidents and events

YJ lean reportingYou can record the detail of the originating event and its consequences. Data can be captured and analysed based on:

  • Injury
  • Damage to property
  • Damage to the environment
  • Industrial disease
  • Near miss
  • Non-conformance

You can find the root cause of an incident. Define your own causes or use the standard options.

Performance management and KPI reporting

You can select from the list of predefined reports. And run them against your company/supply chain data. You can also create customised KPI reports specific to your company.