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Sales and installation
Quality, environmental, health and safety systems features
Training and support
Implementing the change
Safety, security and technical requirements

Sales and installation

Do you offer a free demo?
Yes. Simply call +44 (0)3330 147878 or email us to arrange a time that suits you.

How long will it be before we’re up and running?
YellowJacket comes ready to work.  There is no configuration and no software to download. You can get started within minutes.

Who is YellowJacket for?
YellowJacket is suitable for organisations of all sizes across many sectors. For example, retail, infrastructure, facilities, hospitality, logistics, construction – any organisation that wants to improve its safety record, meet its quality standards or reach its environmental targets.

Quality, environmental, health and safety systems features

Can I get a full summary of everything I’m working on?
You access everything from your personal dashboard.  You can see and act on everything you work on and communicate with everyone you need to within your company, commission or supply chain.

Can I see my outstanding actions and those I’ve raised for others?
You can see your outstanding actions at a glance.  And the status of actions you have assigned to individuals, suppliers or contractors.

Does the system tell me about upcoming audits and inspections?
You can see when internal or third party inspections are due.  And any actions they raise.

How do I easily find the information I’m looking for?
You can filter quality, environmental, health and safety systems data to show specific types such as incidents, audits, inspections and actions. And filter actions according to status. Or create a favourites list.

How do I know about upcoming events and actions?
Switching to calendar view alerts you to upcoming events and actions that need closing out in the days or weeks ahead.

What about recording audits, inspections and incidents?
You can record an audit, inspection or incident.

Can I assign and manage actions?
Users can raise actions and assign them to other users within their organisation or to contractors working with them on individual commissions. They can give the action a close-out date. The action appears on the relevant person’s dashboard.

Can I link back-up material to actions and observations?
Add any documentation or photographs to support and clarify the actions you raise.

Can I schedule inspections?
You can schedule inspections on the calendar and tailor the content to the specific job. These appear as events on other people’s dashboards.

What reports can I produce?
You decide which quality, environmental, health and safety systems reports you need and tailor your desktop accordingly. See trends, audit scores and action close-out rates instantly.

Can I export reports?
You can easily export graphs and charts. The following formats are covered: CSV, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, HTML and tifs.

Training and support

What training do I get?
Courses at all levels take place on a regular basis. The courses are:

  • General User
  • System Administrator
  • Report Writing
  • Train the Trainer

We also run bespoke training days designed to suit your needs.  You decide what you want depending on the needs of your organisation and users. See training courses

Do we need any IT support in-house?
No.  YellowJacket is an out-of-the-box application.  You do not need any in-house IT support.

Where can I get help on technical issues?
Technical issues are rare as YellowJacket is a cloud application.  As long as your internet connection is working, you will be able to access the system.  Call +44 (0)3330 147878 or email us if you need help.  We guarantee a response within 24 hours.

Where can I get YellowJacket product advice?
Talk to your account manager.  Call +44 (0)3330 147878 or email us. If you want to learn about some of the tool’s more advanced functions, take a look at training courses.

Implementing the change

What can I do to overcome resistance to change in our organisation?
Our Organisational Development team can help you identify people in the organisation whose networks, relationships and personalities make them capable of engaging others and enabling change. These people act as your change agents, helping you introduce the new system effectively and painlessly.

How do I implement YellowJacket effectively and with minimum disruption?
Our Organisational Development team will help with the implementation and embedding of YellowJacket. We’ll consider how best to engage with the people who will implement, shape and maintain YellowJacket, recommend options for training, and plan, monitor, record and action YellowJacket’s implementation programme.

Safety, security and technical requirements

How secure is my data?
YellowJacket uses the same level of security certification as your bank, so your site and data are always secure.  Every session is encrypted and secure.

What is your record on system uptime?
As part of the contract we guarantee 99.9% uptime so you can be sure of always being able to access your data.  Occasional system upgrades are carried out at weekends – we will always warn you well in advance.

What are the technical requirements?
YellowJacket is a cloud application, so all you need is Internet Explorer 8 or above, or FireFox 3.6 or above, and good access to the internet. You can log into your personal dashboard anytime, anywhere in the world and see real time information.