Process Improvement

Process improvement

What is lean construction, and how can it help?

Process improvement, or lean construction is about truly identifying what your customers value, along with understanding the processes and ways this value is delivered. Continually targeting inefficiencies in these processes allows for the value to flow, which minimises delay and disruption throughout your projects.

For construction, high levels of customer satisfaction can be achieved by improving the quality, cost, efficiency and delivery of a project using lean methodologies.

Improvements of up to 50% on quality, cost and delivery have been achieved for construction companies and projects who have worked with BRE’s lean construction specialists. There is no doubt that organisations who genuinely embrace lean construction will see the tangible benefits.

YellowJacket’s process improvement tool

Process improvement toolYellowJacket’s process efficiency improvement tool enables you to capture data related to time spent on non-value-added activities.

Collecting data via the YellowJacket mobile app, all stakeholders can record the work package, the process issue type, the number of people involved (keeping individual data anonymous) and the amount of time lost on site for each process issue.

By collecting this performance data in a real time environment, you can start to identify and target areas where you need improvement in terms of efficiency and productivity.

Key uses for the tool include:

  1. Easy-to-use data capture through the YellowJacket mobile app – Report process efficiency issues as soon as you spot them on site with the app (whether online of offline), according to work packages and process types.
  2. ‘At a glance’ reporting accessible from your desktop – Data captured will be displayed in visual reports including heat maps, graphs and timelines, letting you know exactly how your projects are performing.
  3. Develop a Sustainable Improvement Culture – Combining the use of this tool with lean thinking will help you make improvements throughout your organisation and even across your supply chain.

Training on the tool will help you take confident action and to see the positive impacts throughout your projects and organisation.

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YellowJacket process improvement training

To make the most of the process improvement tool on YellowJacket, we do require that you attend training to gain an understanding of what process improvement and lean construction is and how this tool can help you. Attending this training will give you a good understanding of process improvement and lean techniques on your construction projects and throughout your organisation – ultimately helping you to identify trends and areas for improvement, thus saving you time.

Various training options for this are listed below.

For new YellowJacket Users

For a new YellowJacket user, please contact the team through or 03330 147878 for a discussion around the best training options for your business and your teams

For Existing YellowJacket Users

Launched at the end of June 2016, training options are currently available to existing YellowJacket users at an early bird rate, for training delivered before 30 September 2016.

Two training options are available to existing YellowJacket users:

1.     Open training at BRE Academy in Watford

This is ideal for a small number of users to be trained on this element of the tool, and is recommended as a maximum of 3 delegates per company at a one-day course

£449 + VAT per delegate

Early bird rate: £349 + VAT per delegate

Book online at the BRE Academy

2.     Tailored training at your premises

Cost effective for more than 3 delegates, this option means that your 1-day training will be adapted to your organisation, teams and projects. There is a maximum of 12 delegates per training day – for more delegates this will require additional training days

£1,300 + VAT per day

Early bird rate: £1,000 + VAT per day

Contact to book bespoke training for your team today

Process improvement advisory services

Helping construction organisations save time, save money and improve performance, lean construction specialists at BRE work with you and your teams to help identify areas for improvement and provide solutions to meet your objectives.

No two companies, teams or processes are the same – and as such BRE offers a variety of process improvement advisory packages and bespoke support; ranging from full process strategy support, to industry benchmarking on construction process improvement (based on data from the YellowJacket tool).

Contact the team today to find out how BRE can help you achieve your goals around process, performance and productivity through adopting lean construction techniques.