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Software tools for the construction industry by BRE

Within the construction supply chain it’s important to have clarity between all organisations and individuals working across a variety of areas within a project. Tools like YellowJacket can help organisations and projects understand areas where improvements can be made – saving time, money and various other elements.

Understanding the needs of various individuals and organisations across the industry, BRE has developed several software tools to help those individuals and organisations meet their sustainability, efficiency and performance goals.

Sustainability & environmental monitoring: SMARTWaste

SMARTWaste construction site environmental and sustainability toolWhen it comes to your site environmental impacts (for example waste, water, energy, materials), it’s important to understand where your organisation or project can be making savings to become more sustainable.

As with YellowJacket, SMARTWaste  helps you understand the trends within your projects and organisation, giving you clarity across your supply chain to help meet sustainability and CSR objectives.

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Waste management locator: BREMAP

bremap waste management mappingBREMAP is an interactive tool designed to help you define the best environmental option (BPEO) for your construction or demolition site waste and it can be used to enhance your waste management as a part of the SMARTWaste System.

Type in the postcode of your construction site and BREMAP will pin-point waste management facilities and materials or products within a chosen radius of your postcode or within a selected county.

Find out more by visiting the BREMAP website.