Mobile App FAQ

Download the YellowJacket app


How do I get the YellowJacket app?
You need to be a YellowJacket licence holder in order to download the app.

If you already have a YellowJacket licence you can download the mobile app free at Google Play, from the Microsoft app store or at the Apple app store.

If you don’t have a YellowJacket licence, call +44 (0)3330 147878 or email us

What happens if I get a phone call while I’m creating an observation/action/inspection/audit?
You can take your call as normal and resume your task exactly where you left off. You will not lose any data.

Does the mobile app take up a lot of storage space?
No. The app is very small, taking up only around 6MB of storage space on your phone or tablet. Images can take up a lot of space so the app automatically deletes the ones you have used without storing them on your device.

When I log in the app seems to take a while to load up, is something wrong?
Long response times usually mean large numbers of actions or lots of commissions. To avoid this, close out actions as soon as possible and deregister from any commissions you no longer need.

We’re sharing devices at our company/project. Do I need to do anything before I give the device to my colleague?
Yes. All you need to do is deregister your account via the menu button on the top right hand corner. This simple process ensures the next person can see their own data when they log in.

Which devices can I use to access the YellowJacket app?
Android, Windows and Apple phones and Android and Apple tablets are currently supported. The app is not currently supported on Blackberrys or Windows Surface tablets.

Will audits and inspections question templates be transferred automatically to the mobile app?
Yes. If the templates are on the company desktop they will be available on the mobile app. Every time you log in to the mobile app it will check for updates and bring down any new data from question sets and any new actions that have been assigned to you.

Will any additional bolt-ons be available, such as a print facility?
This isn’t part of the first release. If our users express a need for it, we will incorporate it in our development programme.

Have you considered the health and safety aspect of using a mobile device while working on a site or other workplace prone to hazards?
Before users log into the app they will be warned with the following message:

Please ensure you are in a safe location and that is appropriate to use your mobile device to record data/information before using the YellowJacket app.

Can I start an activity on the mobile app and finish it on a desktop?
No. Once an action / audit / inspection has been started on either your desktop or the mobile app it must be completed from the device / medium it was started on.

Can I use the mobile app offline?
Yes, the app is designed to be used offline. Data synchronises automatically when a data connection becomes available. Users can choose whether they wish to use WiFi or 3G/4G for their data connection or both. This feature is managed from the settings menu within the app and can be set up on first login and subsequently changed as required.