YellowJacket software training

“Education and training is vital.  The more you use and learn about YellowJacket, you will be amazed by its enormous capabilities and possible outputs.”

Arthur Lander, Health, Safety and Environment Manager, Michael J Lonsdale Group

Once you have agreed to use YellowJacket to monitor and report on health and safety within your organisation and projects, you will need to plan for and implement YellowJacket effectively to:

  • Ensure a quick and smooth transition
  • Maximise the impact on safe behaviour
  • Engage people, minimising disruption and resistance.

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Quality, environmental, health and safety software training

One of the reasons YellowJacket is so effective is that people recceive good quality training that gives them the confidence to use it to its full capacity in their day-to-day jobs.

Training options available to you on the YellowJacket health and safety tool include:

  1. General User
  2. System Administrator
  3. Train the Trainer
  4. Report writing
  5. Bespoke in-house courses

“Excellent, thought-provoking and very helpful.  And afterwards there is no problem with phoning the trainers and getting any queries that crop up resolved. Having had the initial training, we are now embarking on a full Train the Trainer programme.” – Mark Dagliesh, Safety Manager, Wilson James

1. General User

Enables general users to master all the functions they need for their day-to-day jobs.

Course content:

  • Creating records in the YellowJacket safety management system
  • Assigning and scheduling audits and inspections
  • Raising, assigning and closing out actions and observations
  • General safety management system functionality

Length of course: ½ day

£299 +VAT

To book your place, please email or book on the BRE Academy website today.

2. Super User

Enables people with responsibility for YellowJacket administration tasks to set up commissions and parameters, and add users to the system. They learn and practice all the necessary tasks.

Course content:

This course is ideal for new membership holders as everything that is required will be covered in the course, but some internal training maybe required to be held by attendee to their colleagues. Broken down into two sections, this course covers:

  • System administration
    • Adding Inspections, adding users, setting parameters and commission set up. (All attendees must bring their username, password, details of all users to be added and a copy of the weekly health and safety inspection that will be carried out on site.)
  • General user training on how to use the system on a daily/weekly basis on site:
    • Logging In
    • Scheduling and completing Inspections/audits
    • Recording and closing Incidents
    • Recording and closing Observations and actions
    • The full reporting system
    • The use of the YellowJacket mobile app

Length of course: 3/4 day

£499 +VAT

To book your place, please email today.

3. Report Writing

This course is aimed at users wanting to make the best use of the intelligence their quality, environmental, health and safety management software is capable of producing. It includes the manipulation of data from YellowJacket using Excel.

Course Content:

  • Producing reports and Scorecards
  • Summarising data for all observations, actions, audits, inspections and incidents
  • Managing KPI’s and performance management targets for all projects
  • Filtering and exporting data to Microsoft Excel and other file formats
  • Managing data and creating bespoke graphs and data grids

Length of course: ½ day

£299 +VAT

To book your place, please email today.

4. Bespoke in-house training & implementation workshop

YellowJacket courses are designed around the needs of your organisation. We can incorporate any combination of the content from the User, System Administrator, Report Writing and Train the Trainer courses and cover requirements specific to your business and information needs. The course can be held at a venue of your choice.

Length of course: tailored to organisational needs

£1,500 + VAT

To book your place, please email today.

BRE Academy – the training arm of BRE

In addition to training on the tool, YellowJacket’s training partner, the BRE Academy delivers online or classroom training courses around environmental standard BREEAM, BIM (building information modelling), fire safety, leadership and management and many more.

For more information on how the BRE Academy can help your team upskill, please visit their training website.