Go Mobile With Yellowjacket

Go Mobile with YellowJacket

From Monday 28th July YellowJacket users have been able to download the app and start using YellowJacket on their smartphone or tablet. The app works offline as well as online giving user’s the ability to complete audits and inspections and respond to observations and actions whether you’re on the go or working on site or in the office. Go to the Apple app store or Google Play store to download the app. Its available with your YellowJacket licence.

Spot trends and take action fast with the YellowJacket app

People capture 3-4 times more data when they use a mobile device. Now that you can use YellowJacket on your smartphone or tablet, its ideal for improving safety, quality and environmental standards. Problems are more likely to be spotted and action can be taken quickly.

 App Features

  • can be used on a tablet or smartphone
  • available for Android and iOS compatible devices
  • works offline so useable in areas with no internet connectivity
  • synchronises data changes as soon as you have an internet connection

To view the full list of features please click here.