YellowJacket System Update June 2014

Based on feedback from the YellowJacket user community the Observations and Actions have been re-designed to have the data captured on one page, the process has been simplified and is more user friendly. We have also introduced site plans and commission owners now have the ability to upload plans which will be used to identify locations where observations have been raised.

YellowJacket System Update Release Notes Jun 2014

  • Introduction of Site Plans
  • New Design of Observation & Action Page
    • Ability to copy Actions
    • Location Maps
    • Summary box has been extended to 500 characters
    • Full description is no longer mandatory
    • Size of attachments & Pictures has been increased by approx x 10
    • Up to 5 images can be uploaded per observation / action
    • Marker pins have been introduced to images
    • Action closure process has been simplified
  • Audit/Inspection observations – bug fix

To view the full report on all new features and information on the overall upgrade please click here.