YellowJacket User Group – What we did…

The YellowJacket team were pleased when 35 clients joined them at 155 Moorgate for the first external user group in 2014.

The user group provided licence holders the opportunity to hear about the latest YellowJacket developments from the team and gave all attendees a first look into the progress on the YellowJacket mobile app ahead of its launch in June:


The session covered a range of YellowJacket related topics including:

  • A look back at the suggestions from the last user group in November 2013 and how some of these have now been incorporated into the software.
  • A review of the software enhancements and releases so far this year.
  • A preview of what’s coming in the next couple of months – including the new design of the Observation and Action page and the inclusion of site plans for identifying locations of Observations and Actions.
  • A demonstration of progress on the YellowJacket mobile app:

The app demonstration generated a great buzz with some very positive feedback for the team.

David Rowbotham –Director of Safety and Socio Economics commented:

“It was tremendous to see so many customers actively participating in our first user group of 2014 and providing some excellent feedback on the improvements we have made and the ones which are in the pipeline.  The future development of YellowJacket is driven by suggestions from our colleagues within Mace and from our customers. Based on today’s feedback we are confident we are moving in a very positive direction.”