The challenge

Mace has set itself the challenge of building a world-leading health and safety culture. The organisation needed a tool that helped it achieve this aim. With multiple global projects, communicating with contractors and keeping track of health and safety, quality and environmental data was a huge challenge. As was producing useful information.

The solution

Mace uses YellowJacket throughout its supply chain. The company first tested the health and safety management software in selected business units. To date over 350 contractors are licensed to use it and it is now being rolled out globally.

The benefits

Andy Brown, Mace’s Head of Safety, gives his views on YellowJacket.

“It helps operational staff and safety professionals improve performance. You have complete visibility of the performance of your business, project or supply chain. You can see potential risks and prevent them causing problems.

“It’s great for statistical analysis – for reporting to the business at all levels. We can pull out trends of accidents and observations throughout the Mace organisation. It tells you the about the performance of any contractor or any project.

“The beauty of it is that it manages the performance of the whole supply chain. When everyone is using the tool regularly for data entry and analysis the impact is enormous.

“Our contractors love it because they can use it to manage their own businesses and on projects for other clients. It’s their data. We just have visibility of the bits relevant to us.”