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The Challenge

When he took over as UK Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Manager, Phil Shields inherited what he describes as “a mishmash of outdated Access databases” that made it impossible to consolidate data.

The Solution

Having analyzed the benefits of several solutions, he chose YellowJacket because it could be used across Keller’s many UK projects, and had the capability to produce the information needed in a format that was usable. It is user friendly and was also significantly more cost effective than other options.

The Benefits

“Safety is top priority for Keller. Now we can see all the trends – pinpoint where things are working well and instantly spot and deal with any issues.”

Phil discovered from the YellowJacket data that manual handling was an area where more communication and training were required. He was also able to trace which divisions were most in need of development in this area.

“The YellowJacket team have gone out of their way to communicate any developments, talk to us about what we need, and give us excellent support and training.”

“To date we’ve halved our accident frequency rate as a result of various initiatives, including YellowJacket. We now have visibility and traceability – vital in ensuring we can take immediate action and maintain our excellent safety record.”

Phillip Shields, UKHSEQ Manager