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Previously, Lakesmere had used a client’s software for tracking health and safety performance on that client’s projects, but had no online tool for other projects.  They wanted a health and safety management system that they could use across their entire organisation – something they could tailor to produce the kind of management information that suited their way of operating.


YellowJacket was introduced across all Lakesmere’s construction projects, originally for managing health and safety. Later on, they extended its use to make quality management processes more efficient too.  A group of 30 are using it currently – the plan is to extend use across the entire business, including international projects.


John Pocknell, Group Saftey Manager, talks about his experience of YellowJacket.

Using YellowJacket to improve the health and safety culture

“It’s extremely cost-effective. Larger companies often set up these health and safety management systems from scratch, which is very cumbersome.  I’ve seen a project put back by weeks.  YellowJacket does all the things these bespoke health and safety management systems do and it’s off the shelf.

“These days you can’t afford to have information sitting on people’s hard drives.  You need know what the situation is right now.  With YellowJacket, because it’s online, the information is always available and up-to-date.

“It gives you a heads-up screen where you can see all the issues outstanding straightaway.  You can see your open actions and unpublished actions.  The calendar is useful too – it shows what’s due in a particular week or over the next 3-4 weeks.

“When we do an audit or inspection we can appoint a person to deal with any actions arising from it.  It happens quickly and automatically without using some complex central coordination system.

“We already had a safety conscious culture.  YellowJacket has added more formality and regularity to the process and made life easier. Now we have a complete audit trail – very necessary in this day and age.”

Lakesmere is now increasing the efficiency of its quality management through YellowJacket

Without the right tools, quality management can be time consuming. Some companies have separate software packages for managing quality and health and safety – a cumbersome set-up for those who work with both types of data. Others rely on Excel spreadsheets and email systems for capturing and managing quality performance. This leaves quality managers with no means of interrogating the data and complexities in providing audit trails.

If you already use YellowJacket for managing health and safety, you can apply it to quality management and environmental performance as well. And with little extra effort. This allows you to:

  • access information on quality, environmental, health and safety performance in one place
  • raise quality actions and observations and track them until they are closed out
  • allow visibility of quality data to those who need it
  • interrogate your quality data and spot trends
  • take action to prevent similar quality issues arising in the future
  • provide audit trails to meet the approved quality systems and ISO requirements.

Lakesmere and quality management

One company that recognized these benefits and has now extended the use of YellowJacket to quality is Lakesmere. Their previous reliance on documents sitting on servers was time-consuming and unwieldy. Having embedded YellowJacket as a health and safety tool throughout the organization for all commissions, the team realised that, with no extra outlay, they could save time and increase efficiency by setting up quality processes within the tool too.

“Now YellowJacket will make quality management data easily accessible,”says John Pocknell, Group Safety Manager. “Users can plan audit schedules and make information visible to site personnel and commission owners. Everyone can see what’s on the agenda and track the status of actions and observations. YellowJacket gives us a consistent quality audit trail across the business.”

It’s flexible and easy to set up too. Having already embedded YellowJacket as a system throughout the company, all they need to do is produce a bespoke quality audit check sheet relating to the specific requirements of each new project. Using YellowJacket’s drop pin technology with drawings and schematics means they can use the software as a snagging tool, pinpointing all the issues and actions and tracking them to close-out.

“Now that the tool is part of our culture, it’s a small transition to extending its use to quality too. People are keen to start using it – they can see how much easier their lives will be.”

The YellowJacket app

John is also looking forward to the launch of the YellowJacket app, which he thinks will be invaluable for those in field for updating actions and creating on-the-spot observations as they go.

“As we did with the desktop version, we’ll start with a few selected managers and then extend it to the whole team once the first group have got their heads around it.”lakesmere-logo