Instant KPI Reports and Accident Trends

From early February YellowJacket users will be able to produce accident trending KPI reports at the touch of a button. This gives users instant access to information they need to easily create board reports, tender documents and presentations to potential clients.


All upgrades are free. If you are a YellowJacket user, you don’t need to do anything, the software upgrade will happen automatically. The KPI accident reporting function will be available from 18th February 2013.

Watch out for more new YellowJacket features in the spring. Changes are underway to improve the process for creating audits and inspections – making it a faster, easier, better experience for the user.

Both improvements result from suggestions by YellowJacket users. We’re constantly improving the software by adding features our users want. We’d like to hear how we can make YellowJacket work better for you.
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