Health & safety software - save time, save money, save lives

Whether on your computer, phone or tablet, whatever size company you are, Yellowjacket can help you to meet your health, safety and quality goals. Saving time, money and improving performance throughout your supply chain along the way.

YellowJacket mobile app - 2 years on

It has been 2 years since the YellowJacket mobile app was first released. This infographic features a variety of health and safety statistics gathered on the tool by over 500 construction companies on projects across the UK.

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Training to ensure you are confident & competent

Making sure that you and your teams using the tool are familiar with how YellowJacket works is vital to getting the most out of the tool.
Find out about different training options and book your place today.

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Process Improvement tool now available!

This new tool will help organisations process spot trends on site, enabling you to improve these process and performance, saving time and money across project packages, projects and throughout your organisation

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Software tools from BRE

BRE Digital productsThe digital tools team at BRE behind YellowJacket and sister tool for environmental monitoring, SMARTWaste, work with clients to understand their needs for measuring and reporting data within their projects.

Using the knowledge of the built environment within BRE (the Building Research Establishment), these software monitoring tools help individuals and organisations identify trends and areas for improvement across their supply chains.

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Create a safer working environment

YellowJacket’s low cost health and safety management software makes it easy to manage quality, environmental, health and safety performance and encourage the right behaviour.

How YellowJacket health and safety management software can help you:


  • Prevent accidents and loss
  • Manage quality and environmental issues
  • Log in from anywhere on any device using the mobile app
  • Achieve and prove compliance
  • All your data in one place
  • Simple to learn, easy to use
  • Instant access to management reports
  • All the functionality you need at a reasonable cost
  • Improve your reporting and performance culture
  • Can be implemented quickly and with minimum disruption
  • Share data throughout your organisation or supply chain

To find out more about each of these ways YellowJacket can help you, please visit Why YellowJacket for more information.